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Covid 19 April 2020 Update

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Central Fabrications have been carefully adhering to the government guidelines and to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and suppliers.

As the virus has evolved and guidelines have been updated, we have needed to adapt our working practices. Below is an update of our current working environment in order for us to remain open:

Offices are still open but social distancing applies:

A significant part of our pre-lockdown preparation was to split our colleagues and realign desks for the 2 metre rule to be effective.

The majority of our office staff, across all departments in the business, are continuing to work in the office unless furloughed or quarantining to protect staff and our customers.

We have provided the necessary tools and technology to enable staff to continue working as normal and continue to communicate effectively with clients and each other. Our teams have full access to all our IT systems, for those working remotely or using office space.

Health and well-being

We continue to send regular updates to our teams, following the guidelines issued by the Government and various health organisations. A small number of our vulnerable staff are shielding with the full support of the business.

We conduct regular phone calls with any staff out of the office with regular updates and encourage a forum for staff to ask any questions they have and to catch up with one another.

Phones and our switchboard

Our main office number 01922 658899, continues to work as normal.

If there is a need to speak to a member of our staff that is working remotely from home then we will transfer you onto that colleague or alternatively request that they call you call back.


Where possible we are encouraging electronic communication, but we acknowledge that there are certain documents that can only be sent by post.

If the post is addressed to a member of staff that is working from home then we will ensure the post is delivered to them however there may be some delay in getting this to the correct team member. With remote working, our ability to respond by post will also be limited and will take longer.


In accordance with current government guidelines and our clients instructions, we will continue to work with customers if sites are open and available to receive deliveries as long as that site is conforming within the government guidelines.

This of course is reviewed regularly in line with the daily government updates and the policies and decisions of our clients.

We are in close communication with our supply chain partners to keep them updated of our current situation.

Next steps

We are monitoring the fast-moving situation closely. We will ensure that we respond quickly, sensibly, and appropriately to any developments. We will update you all again if we have further substantial updates, but please do contact us if you have any concerns about any circumstances.

Tel: 01922 658899 / email: sales@centralfabs.co.uk

Central Fabrications have and will continue to take a number of precautionary steps as a business to ensure that we are able to continue providing our services to clients and play our part in preventing the further spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

A significant amount of time has been spent designing and testing contingency plans so that we can continue to operate as close to “business as usual” as possible.