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CFM Gutter Systems
Rainwater Accessories

Central Fabrications gutter systems can be supplied in a single skin or insulated variants to suit customer requirements. Along with all ancillary components to suit all applications with project specific needs. Our gutters are supplied in a range of materials and finished including steel, membrane coated steel, pre coated steels, aluminium.

We can manufacture the below.

  • Membrane gutter
  • Insulated gutter
  • Single skin gutter
  • Trimline/fascia gutter
  • Gutter liner / hinged
  • Rainwater accessories

Some variants are available in lengths up to 6m.

All components are fully compliant with the appropriate National Building Regulations.

To back up our commitment to providing quality gutter systems, we have recently become members of the Metal Gutter Manufacturers Association.

A range of accessories are available including swan necks and hoppers which can be provided in a range of materials both circular and square.


See below for examples.

  • Outlets
  • Hoppers
  • Swannecks
  • Downpipes with brackets
  • Swage fit collars
  • Sump box outlets
  • Snorkel/weir overflows
  • Y Junctions
  • Shoes
  • Rodding access plates

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