Rainscreen & Panel Systems

Today’s designers demand and expect choice and flexibility; they look for aesthetic solutions combined with practicality. The Central design concept provides exactly that, with the Central Fabrications product range being the solution of choice for many architectural situations. 

Investment in fully automated, CNC flat bed routing technology has allowed Central Fabrications to further push the fabrication boundaries and can process board products including ACM up to 6000mm x 2000mm.

These developments have given architects designers and contractors greater scope in material choice and increased confidence to specify Central Fabrications Rainscreen products in an ever increasing range of building envelope situations.

Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen cladding is a construction façade rainscreen system which consists of the subframe and different finishes like ceramic tiles, reconstituted stone boards, ceramic granite based on a natural stone, high-pressure laminates, composite aluminium panels or fibre-cement board, or durable exterior woods. Rear ventilated systems offer guaranteed performance, withstanding even extremely unfavourable conditions such as those experienced in the textiles or brewing industries, or within a swimming pool or aquarium. There is currently no other walling system able to maintain its performance so effectively, protecting against dampness, heat, noise and fire to the required standards regardless of the internal or external conditions.

The principles of Rainscreen facades can be used both for interior as well as exterior architectural designs for new and refurbished buildings. Applications as follows:-


Zinc is naturally resistant to corrosion, is extremely durable and does not require costly maintenance. In addition, the flexibility and versatility of zinc makes it simple to fabricate and combined with its pleasing appearance, make it an interesting material choice for use on building project facades. With time, it forms an attractive light grey patina.

Interlocking Plank System

The panels are connected laterally by simply interlocking into a groove, giving the elegant appearance of either a recessed or hairline joint. They are fixed onto an extruded aluminium support framework using mechanical fixings, which are concealed in the inside edge on the groove.

Vertically laid planks are fixed onto horizontal aluminium L-profile extrusion via hands- free brackets. At the joint between panels a choice of recessed or hairline joints are available with secret fixings. In the instance of using copper, aluminium support structure must be anodized by avoid any bi metallic corrosion.

Design and supply of the structural wall, vapour barrier and wall fixings can be supplied by Central.


A full range of panels and flashings are available in bronze with a selection of weathered finishes.

Rainscreen cladding systems are developed and produced to CWCT guidelines and have been specified on many projects, please consult with Central for any restrictions.


Aluminium is well known for its exceptional durability, even in an unprotected mill finish condition. Aluminium reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form an extremely hard oxide which is almost inert, and which inhibits further reaction. Even where the oxide layer becomes scratched the exposed metal simply forms a new oxide layer - the material is said to be self-repairing.

A coloured coating is normally required to meet the planning requirements and design intent, conform to house colours, or contrast/match other building materials.

Hook On Panel System

The Hook On system provides panels with integral structural support hooks enabling them to be hooked on and secretly fixed to a punched and pressed Central aluminium carrier. The cosmetically flat and uniform appearance is a result of the superior design and manufacturing techniques employed.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers an extremely durable, low maintenance material which has an excellent damage resistance, particularly when using textured surfaces, as minor damage becomes less noticeable.

Optional flatness is another important feature when using stainless steel for façade cladding, not only in its appearance but in the ease in which the material handles and fabricates into a variety of shapes and design options.

Stainless steel probably has the largest range of textured finishes as well as its traditional satin and mirror finish. Pre - Patinated Copper.

Copper sheeting is a structurally- strong sheeting in 1.5 mm thickness. The material is pre-patinated in a unique factory process, thus gives quality control over thickness and oxidisation of finish. Individual sheets display a variegated 'natural' finish which ranges from blue/green to yellow/green.


The low maintenance surface is suitable for most environmental conditions including harsh urban and industrialised areas. It blends well with other materials including glass. ACM can be fabricated into trays, cassettes, curves, and shapes, flat panels and sharp corners.

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